Interested in contributing to Comestible? Here is a little information on what we're looking for:

Comestible is a seasonal journal about food, published twice a year, aligned with the food seasons: spring/summer, fall/winter. We want to tell stories about not just food, but about the people who produce our food, the places it comes from and the traditions surrounding it. 

Here are the sections that we want stories for:


Every issue will include stories from producers, be they vegetable farmers, winemakers, artisan cheesemakers, home gardeners, or just someone with a beehive in their backyard. These are stories and essays intended to help readers to better understand what goes into producing what we eat. 


Where can food take us? Be it an essay about harvesting grapes in France, foraging in the Pacific Northwest or exploring the social and economic intricacies of a region through the lens of food, Explore is intended to challenge us to think about places, both new and familiar. 


Eat is Comestible's recipe section. Recipes should be based off of seasonal, local ingredients (local is entirely dependent on your location, but consider that our readership is mainly based in North America). We want to challenge readers to use seasonal foods in new ways, in simple, yet creative ways. 

What we do want:

  • Stories that challenge the reader to rethink their relationship to what they eat.
  • Stories that look at the intersectionality of food and another sector, like food and fiber production.
  • Regional stories that have a strong focus on people and place. 
  • Stories that highlight culture and tradition, including the loss thereof. 
  • Recipes that are centered around seasonal produce, and are simple yet creative and inspire the reader to use an ingredient in a new way. 
  • Contributions from underrepresented perspectives. 
  • Poetry and other creative ways of portraying stories of food.
  • Stories that you haven't been able to place in other food media. We want stuff that's different!

What we don't want:

  • Restaurant reviews
  • Celebrity chef profiles
  • Cake mixes
  • Roundups and listicles
  • Anything about "superfoods"
  • Avocado toast recipes

Do we pay?

Yes, we pay, although we are a small, self-published, ad-free publication and therefore our contributor fees will not make you rich, but you will have a platform for telling rich, informative, inspiring stories about real food.  

Interested in submitting? 

Please submit a query via email to, noting "PITCH" in the subject line. Please include a short description of your story as well as a few links to writing samples. 


Focus of Issue 8:

The intersections between race and food - who we are, what and how we eat - are beautiful and deeply complex. In an era of assimilative and oppressive politics that work to marginalize people, place, and family, food also has the potential to heal. Food can transform our realities to create new connections to our ancestors, families, and communities. Acknowledging both the hardships and ways that our food systems have changed along with the opportunities present in our work and lives to participate in this transformation is important. This issue is grounded in the knowledge that what we carry in our blood and bones can help guide our place forward. 

Themes/topics that we are looking for in this issue: 

-How does migration affect food culture? 

-How are some people using food to emotionally return to the places that they left? 

-How does food become a bridge to home cultures? 

-How is the food system impacted by migration? 

-What are the stories of food workers who have migrated? 

-How does food help heal/transform? 

-What are issues that minority groups face that can be seen through the lens of food (poverty, healthcare, etc)? 

-Links between industrial treatment of land and treatment of people (extractive) 

-How are minority groups reclaiming their food traditions? 

-How can food be used to work across cultures? 

-Where is your heart? What brought you to this place? 


Pitches due July 6, 2018. Content due August 1, 2018.  

We will use the month of August + beginning of September to work on edits, with final version completed in early September. The issue will be released in the middle of October.