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Comestible: Issue 8


This eighth issue of Comestible is dedicated to stories of migration, identity and culture. It is a celebration of where we are from and a challenge to come together.

Stories on:
-Breaking bread with Yezidi refugees in Greece
-History of agricultural workers in California
-Finding cultural identity through food as an adopted child
-Reclaiming and celebrating Haitian food culture

Details: 64 pages, 5.25 x 7.75 inches. Bound in saddle stitch, to make it easier to open and lay flat when you're putting it on your kitchen counter to make a recipe. Printed on recycled, FSC-certified paper at a local, Pacific Northwest-based printer.

International Shipping: Additional duties may apply

Contributors to Issue 8:
Humaira Ghilzai
Elaine Lander
Coral Lee
Aline Lindemann
Tabitha Martens
Sarah Owens
Alison Roberts-Tse
Cindy Similien-Johnson