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  • Image of Comestible: Issue 5
  • Image of Comestible: Issue 5
  • Image of Comestible: Issue 5
  • Image of Comestible: Issue 5

Comestible: Issue 5


Here is a taste of what awaits you in the fifth issue of Comestible:

Stories on:
-"Ugly fruit" in Lisbon
-The importance of food and community building with homeless people in rural Washington
-The story of maple syrup production
-The sacred foundations of women and food
-The importance of inclusion in the slow food movement
-How to dye with onion skins

As always, there is a collection of seasonal recipes.

Details: 64 pages, 5.25 x 7.75 inches. Bound in saddle stitch, to make it easier to open and lay flat when you're putting it on your kitchen counter to make a recipe. Printed on recycled, FSC-certified paper at a local, Pacific Northwest-based printer.

International Shipping: Additional duties may apply

Contributors to Issue 5:
Lisette Allen
Emma Christensen
Julie Schwietert Collazo
Teresa Finney
Chelsea Fuss
Nicole Gulotta
Adrian J.S. Hale
Christine Leong
Tabitha Martens
Aneela Mirchandani
Kristen D. Murray
Jess Powers
Molly Reeder
Shakirah Simley
Despina Panagakos Yeargin
Kristine Vejar