Comestible is a quarterly print journal about food, the places it comes from and the people who grow it.


In this day and age we are inundated with food media; glossy food magazines, elaborate food blogs, celebrity status chefs. But has all of this made us eat better? Not quite. 

We live in a world of extremes, obesity and fast food on one end and the superfood craze on the other. Certainly there has to be something in between. This is where Comestible comes in. Part food narrative, part food guide, part cookbook, this is a journal devoted to real food. 

Comestible is themed by season, based on the belief that we should all live a little more in balance with the natural world, not just because it's what makes sense, but because it's what good for us. There will be guides to what's in season (think of it like a simplified Farmer's Almanac) and how to put that food to use; the kind of guidebook you wish was available next to the farmers market stand when you're wondering what to do with all those vegetables. 

There will be stories about food, travel narratives and insight into even the most average of foods that we have a tendency to forget about. The journal will be all illustrated, as this world doesn't need more food porn. We just need real inspiration for real people. 

There will be profiles of producers, as the people behind our food are just as, if not more important, than the final product on the plate in front of us. Without digging in the dirt, we would never eat. 

Ultimately, Comestible is a celebration of real food, accessible to real people. Simple, informative and fun, Comestible should inspire you to do more with your food. To cook something, the plant tomatoes, to build a beehive. 

Comestible is about celebrating the one thing that sustains us and brings us together, no matter who we are or where we are in the world.

Come join us.